Private Courses - 1 Student
(add up to 3 friends/family @ $100 each to share your lesson)

     First Rides

Beginner Wing and Board Skills

2 hrs total


Riding Faster 

Intermediate Wing and Board Skills

2 hrs total


Boat Surfing and Foiling

$500/2 hrs

with Student's


Start by watching the video series so when you arrive for your first lesson you already understand all of the controls for the wing and the board.

This means you'll be getting your first rides on the water in about 15 minutes.

After mastering beginner skills with a center fin you are ready to learn intermediate skills in preparation for higher wind, faster speeds and small waves.

While mastering your wing boarding skills, you can start Foil School.

We learn the hydrofoil separate from the Wing using motorboats on the Wing Foil Board you plan to ride.

If you've never ridden any kind of board, 

Learning to control a surfboard towing with a motorboat is easy.

Wing Foil

2 hr total


After your wing and foil board handling skills are mastered separately, you are ready to fly.

When your Wing Boarding and Foil Surfing

are both mastered independently - Then you are ready to combine the skills.

Not everyone wants to put their face in the water on the first day.

We start on soft surfboards with swim fins learning to paddle and kick with our heads up and out of the water.